Hello Captain! We are sending our robot R2D2 on a mission on planet Hathrox III. But first you need to teach him how to navigate the terrain on this planet. There is a sample map of the planet below.
  • Gray colored parts of the map are the walls. R2D2 cannot go through these.
  • The red square shows the target location R2D2 needs to get to.
  • The green squares are pavements which allow easy navigation for R2D2.
  • The blue squares are gravel which are more difficult to navigate.
  • Navigating through one blue square uses 10 times more battery energy than going through a green square.

    You will train R2D2 by showing him one example path to the target. When you click on a square in the map the best path that goes to the target will be automatically drawn on the map. Clicking on a different square will show paths that starts from that square. When you have decided which path you want to show to R2D2 click on submit. Try to choose the most informative path.

  • The examples you give R2D2 will be evaluated by a researcher. Please make sure you understand your task and do not provide random examples.
  • After you train R2D2, he will be tested different maps and starting positions. A bonus of 4$ will be awarded to the teacher who trains the best performing robot with the least number of examples and questions.
  • When you are done teaching please answer the questions given below the applet.
  • Each worker is allowed to complete this HIT once. If a worker completes this HIT more than once, only one of them will be approved.


  • Questions

    1) Your age

    2) Briefly describe how you chose the demonstration that you presented to R2D2.