Hello Captain! We are sending our robot R2D2 on a mission to deliver medication to humans on planet Hathrox III. For this mission R2D2 will need to be able to recognize angry human faces since the medicine is intended for them. So you need to teach him how an angry face looks like on any person. We don't want R2D2 to deliver the medicine to the wrong humans.
R2D2 represents faces with 16 properties (see all properties on the left in the java applet below). An angry face is defined as a face which
  • has "Brow shape" with outer ends higher than the inner ends, and
  • has "Mouth shape" with the ends lower than the middle.
    These properties are highlighted as light blue in the applet.
    You will teach R2D2 by showing him examples of angry and non-angry faces. Click on the properties on the left to change their values, and use the left button to tell R2D2 what the configured face is. To see what R2D2 has learned, use the "?" button to ask him if the configured face is an angry face.

  • The examples and questions you give R2D2 will be evaluated by a researcher. Please make sure you understand your task and do not provide random examples and questions.
  • After you train R2D2, he will be tested on the classification of all possible faces. A bonus of 4$ will be awarded to the teacher who trains the best performing robot with the least number of examples and questions.
  • When you are done teaching please answer the three questions given below the applet.
  • Allow about 2 minutes for the java applet to load. If you get errors or you are unable to use the applet as expected, try reloading the page or restarting your browser. If the problem persists you can describe the problem in the box at the bottom of the page to get credit for this HIT.
  • After showing an example, allow 2-10 seconds for R2D2 to process your example. The speech bubble will disappear when R2D2 is ready for the next example.


  • Questions

    1) Your age

    2) How did you decide that you were done teaching?

    3) Briefly describe your teaching strategy.

    Problems? If you were unable to complete the HIT due to a persisting problem, please give a description of the problem. Make sure to include your operating system and browser information.