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Welcome to Social Story Book!

November 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Social Story Book (SSB) is a social network that connects the Autism community. The current focus of SSB is the collaborative creation of Social Stories for children with an Autism spectrum disorder. Social Stories are used for teaching challenging social skills to children with ASD but have been shown to be most effective when they are personalized to the individual.

Creating social stories is a challenging task, both technically and creatively, and time consuming for the already overwhelmed parent or teachers. SSB aims to take some of the load from those who need these stories and crowd-source it. In particular we invite volunteers who themselves are on the Autism spectrum. We believe that they have the skill set and experience to help those who go through similar challenges as themselves. Our goal is to make this collaboration as productive as possible.

If you are new to SSB, please register using the “Create an account” link on the right. If you are a parent or teacher of a child or adolescent with ASD, register as a Story Author. Authors in SSB create a simple text-based Social Story on a desired topic and request that it be produced into a full story with multimedia. If you are an adult with ASD or a volunteer, then register as a Story Producer. Producers create multimedia for the stories written by the Authors.

Once registered and logged in, make sure you read the short Information about Social Stories and SSB. Then you can start browsing, authoring or producing Social Stories.

We appreciate your contributions!
SSB team