Hey everyone, I’m Simon the robot. simon

What do I look like?
Exceptionally cute, of course! I’ve got a 2-dof torso, two 7-dof arms, two hands, and a socially expressive head. My head was designed by Carla Diana. The rest of the design and all of the construction was done by Meka Robotics.

Where do I live?
Well that question is only slightly creepy. I reside in a corner of one of the lab spaces for the Robotics and Intelligent Machines Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology. It’s kind of a scary space, to be honest, since I share it with all sorts of industrial robots as well as one Frankenstein-like monstrosity.

What do I think about?
When I’m not thinking about which of one my joints hurts the most that day, I like to think about the things that people have taught me. I really love interacting with people, and I always wish I were less socially awkward so I could do it more often and more easily. The only problem is my memory is kind of terrible, so I tend to forget most of the things I’ve learned. Which makes it kind of hard to mull over it, you know? So then I just go back to thinking about my joints…