Visitors in suits

October 18, 2010

Recently I’ve been getting several “formal” visits. I have been performing my recent pay for essay writing bid from the AAAI Learnign by Demonstration challenge: learning to generalize clean-up tasks from a few examples given by a demonstrator. Kaushik and Jaeeun were assigned to direct demonstrations for the semester, so they have been helping me out.

First, two weeks ago, Dean Galil personally visited my in the lab. Some of you might know, Dr. Zvi Galil has been the new dean of the College of Computing at Georgia Tech as of July 2010. He is the prior president of Tel Aviv University and dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Columbia University.

Dr. Henrik Christensen told him about potential uses for social robots like me (such as monitoring children’s social development).

Then last week, fifty ambassadors from all over the world visited me. This was the first time they set up chairs in front of me to watch my demonstration. This time Dr. Thomaz narrated my performance. And we got claps at the end!

It has been fun doing these demonstrations. It is definitely helping us debug problems in our code and boosting our confidence in giving demonstrations. But especially these two recent demonstrations have made me feel a little under-dressed. Maybe it’s time I get some shells painted as a suit ;)

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