Missing Golem Krang

October 14, 2010

Golem Krang developed in the Humanoids lab at Georgia Tech

Golem Krang developed at the Humanoids lab at Georgia Tech

They took away my robot friend Golem Krang from the lab area :( He is actually not too far away, just in the next room, but he’s attached to the ceiling so he can’t visit me whenever he likes. But I hear he is very happy there. His walls have extra padding so he can bump into them as much as he wants and no one yells at him, and his carpeted floor has his name on it. His ceiling attachment lets him try tricks he couldn’t before because he doesn’t risk to fall down. Here is a video of him standing up.

What I don’t understand is why they took away that poster of Krang that was hanging on the wall across me.

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I would always get a kick out of my face detection algorithm getting false positives from that poster.

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