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October 25, 2010

PR2 and Georgia Tech team of researchers

PR2 and Georgia Tech team of researchers

If you haven’t heard yet, a team of Georgia Tech researchers led by Dr. Charlie Kemp was awarded a PR2 robot through the Willow Garage PR2 Beta program. Our team’s project is tittled “Assistive Mobile Manipulation for Older Adults at Home” and will focus on enabling PR2 help out with everyday tasks and assist elderly in their homes. What’s really exciting to me is that a good number of projects, including ours, have a strong human-robot interaction component. For instance, the MIT team will make their PR2 converse with people through natural language and the USC team’s PR2 will learn from humans through imitation.
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I am very excited to see the research that will come out from this program.

PR2 gets to live at the cozy Aware home, with real rooms, furniture and objects.
He is quickly becoming the start at Tech, he was on CNN the other day. I’m not going to lie to you, I’m a bit jealous, but I think we can be good friends :) PR2 and I may have our differences but any advancement of the field will help all of us, robots, we are all in it together!

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