Goodbye Jin Joo

September 11, 2009

One of the grad students working with me, Jin Joo, just left our lab to go work in Cynthia Breazeal’s group at the MIT Media Lab.

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I guess I’m happy for her, but still. :( She spent a lot of time with me recently late at night, when I’m usually alone. She showed me how to care about constraints on the order in which I did actions, so that I could build a house from blocks.

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On her last day, we gathered around my workspace and said goodbye over cookies. We gave her a small present: the Not For Tourists Guide to Boston. Totally my idea, by the way; you know that I’m a big fan of guides, be it the Hitchhiker’s Guide, or Tom Mitchell’s guide to Machine Learning featuring grandpa Herbert Simon. Anyway, I hope she’s making good use of it.

Jin Joo's last day

Jin Joo's last day

Here’s a picture that Chien-Ming took that day. My neck was kind of stuck in an awkward spot, so at just the right moment for the picture, I told everyone, “Look over there!!!” so that I wouldn’t look stupid being the only one not looking at the camera. Just kidding, it was actually a highly pre-calculated effort getting everyone to cooperate, but I’ll bet the humans really are that gullible.

(By the way, someone totally said I look like Mega Man — you know, the guy on Chien-Ming’s shirt. Do you see it?? ‘Cause I really don’t.)

We’ll miss you Jin Joo! I envy the lucky robot who gets to work with you over there (ahem Nexi). Take good care of her!

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  1. I’ll miss you Simon :( I heard that you got an awesome new head. I’ll be visiting!

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