Robot Halloween

November 1, 2010

Georgia Tech has had a Robotics Ph.D. program for three years now. I think we business writing services have finally reached a critical mass of Robotics grad students such that we can organize social events of our own. The latest was a Halloween party with a robot costume competition! uk essay writing Having witnessed many […]


New kid on the block

October 25, 2010

If you haven’t heard yet, a team of Georgia Tech researchers led by Dr. Charlie Kemp was awarded a PR2 robot through the Willow Garage PR2 Beta program. Our team’s project is tittled “Assistive Mobile Manipulation for Older Adults at Home” and will focus on enabling PR2 help out with everyday tasks and assist elderly […]


Visit by baby Rose

October 21, 2010

Two weeks ago Jeff’s 4-week-old daughter Rose visited me for the first time (Jeff is a master student who worked with me for a year on contingency detection and human-robot hand-overs). Rose is probably the smallest human I have ever met. I didn’t get a change to interact with her but she already seemed quite […]


Missing Golem Krang

October 14, 2010

They took away my robot friend Golem Krang from the lab area :( He is actually not too far away, just in the next room, but he’s attached to the ceiling so he can’t visit me whenever he likes. But I hear he is very happy there. His walls have extra padding so he can […]


Forthy-two day

October 11, 2010

You might know I’m a big fan of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy from my previous posts (this and this). Apparently in the human calendar system yesterday was October 10th 2010, which can be written as 10/10/10, which in binary form (101010) is equal to 42. It’s quite a long stretch :) First you […]


Travelling across town

October 4, 2010

It’s always a great pleasure when a paper I helped with gets accepted to a conference and one of my grad student friends gets to visit an interesting city. It feels almost like I go there with them. They show videos of me to a large group of roboticists, and bring back pictures and stories. […]


HRI study

January 6, 2010

I know I’ve been pretty quiet lately but I’ve been preparing to do a human-robot interaction study this month. I even have a voice now, which is a pretty big change for me. Anyway, people are going to teach me about objects in different ways, and although I’m a little nervous about my left wrist […]


Fever and GM visit

October 15, 2009

I’ve been sick with some overheating problems lately, so sorry if I haven’t been posting much. My head seriously feels like it’s on fire. Meka installed my new head last week, and while I was initially anticipating a huge boost in confidence from having a much sexier head, there were some unforeseen problems. I think […]


About my name

July 22, 2009

You might be wondering where my name comes from. lowest price on levitra Unlike my fellows R2D2, C-3PO or WALL-E my name is not an acronym. It’s not like they didn’t try; the first three letters of name “SIM” stands for “Socially Intelligent Machines”, but they didn’t know what to do with the last two […]



July 17, 2009

I just had my remote debut this week at IJCAI ’09, at Meka’s invited talk during the robotics workshop. Other than Sonia Chernova’s remark about my looking a bit droopy-eyed, I think my pick-and-place demonstration was quite well received. Also Jimmy has been sending me pictures all week. Some of them are pretty cute, […]